Holding up the world

I knew this was going to be bad when one of my clients called me and told me they had already lost 1/3rd of their business. As a technical marketing company, that statement threw me into panic mode because I knew if I didn’t act quickly every one of my clients was going to struggle and possibly fail. Daily, life has been stressful for me. I went from average work-days to working 18-20 hours a day because I know that if I don’t hustle to keep my clients afloat then they will perish in the oncoming storm.

So while business has never been better and I’d qualify this as something I “found”. I have been living with consistent anxiety since this all began. So really I found fear. But the fear has been motivation to expand what I’m doing and really just connect with struggling businesses and non-profits that I’m working with. They really just are trying to figure out how to navigate the world during a very dark chapter in our species’ history and I have literally done all that I can to help. I’ve made videos, built websites, I am even pimping out my professional version of Zoom to clients to use for their meetings. I’ve done live stream broadcasts, setup YouTube channels and Facebook pages. Literally sat down via screen share and taught people how to do basic Internet tasks. Day by day I am doing every little thing I can to help my clients carry the weight that has been thrown on their neck. These are small businesses and good people who just want to go to work, but can’t.

It has been a scary time, but also a time where I’ve come to know my own passion for helping those around me. So while I see many who have found boredom during this time, know that at least some people out there, are hustling to try to keep the world spinning in any way they can!


Location: Centreville, VA, USA

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