A Full Year of Sports

The events that I have missed most during lockdown were an entire year of sports, which used to take up a considerable part of my life in which I invested much of my energy into. Throughout the year, the absence of sports in my life created an overwhelming gap that I did not know how to fill. Before COVID-19, I participated on six sports teams (three soccer teams, a basketball team, a cross country team, and a track and field team) and had a practice every day of the school week. I displayed the best physical shape I had ever been in my life. At the beginning of COVID-19, I struggled successfully to maintain my athletic motivation and continued to do endurance and speed practices everyday to keep me in shape. After a while though, I still could not see the light at the end of the tunnel for when sports would start again and lost my motivation to keep myself in the prime physical shape sports had previously whipped me into. I still did endurance and speed exercises but not to a point at which I fully retained athletic prowess. This lack of sports also made it difficult to see the friends that I had made on the sports teams. Many people I happened to meet during sports and could have been friends with, now resemble a missed opportunity, hence I no longer remember their names. There were many experiences I could have distilled from sports that could have positively impacted my life, but I missed out on them. Luckily, team sports are starting up, and sports will soon be part of my life once again.


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