a new habit

I’m socially isolating at home–I’m a physician working in a hospital in San Francisco, so I’m living out of our bedroom while my wife and son have the rest of our house. We’re able to congregate on the deck, at a distance, when the weather is warm enough. So I have a lot more time to myself. It was depressing coming home at night and going to the bedroom. But a new habit has helped immensely. When I pull up to the house, I get out of the car, put my mask back on, and walk the hills of our neighborhood for 20-30 minutes. It’s so restorative to be able to clear my head, get some exercise, and often see the sunset or the stars coming out. When I go into the bedroom I no longer feel as claustrophobic or pinned down, and feel more at peace. I’m glad that I discovered something so simple that helps me feel grounded after intense days working at the hospital.

David Elkin

Location: Oakland, California

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