As I look back onto the times we have been through with COVID-19, I have concluded that we have all lost and gained something. Some may have lost more than others, and some may have gained more than others. You can’t just tell how much someone has lost or gained from this pandemic.

For myself, on the losing end, I have lost many friends and friendships, I’ve lost vacations, I’ve lost loved ones, I’ve lost the ability to go outside without wearing a mask, I’ve lost being able to sit inside restaurants and having nights with my family were we go out to eat, I’ve lost my middle school experience, but in this world as a whole, everyone has lost human decency. I’m disappointed in the word and I’m mad a COVID-19. I’m sad to have lost many of my friends and my vacations with my families and friends that have moved away. I’m glad that I’m still alive and surviving through this pandemic, and that I haven’t lost to much even while the world has been going up in flames. I just wish everything could go back a little to normal.

Molly Nelson


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