2020 was going to be the best year ever, they said. Big and exciting opportunities await us, they said. 2020 was going to be a record setting, ground breaking, and awesome year, they said. Well, they were wrong. We had two and a half solid months. Little did we know….
During the year 2020, I’ve lost many things in 2020, but I’ve also gained many things. One of the positive things I have acquired over Covid-19 is swimming. By swimming I mean timed lap swimming. Before quarantine, lap swimming was just an activity I would do twice a week. Now, I swim five days a week on a swim team. I have definitely improved on my timed swims. I have shaved off at least twelve seconds on my timed swims. I now also have an opportunity to aim my focus toward one activity rather than multiple activities, like I was doing before quarantine.
I have also rekindled my love for reading. I have always loved reading, but I was always busy doing activities that I didn’t really have the time to just relax, sit down, and enjoy my book. Over quarantine I had very much time to enjoy reading. I have read over fifteen, and counting, books during quarantine alone. Reading is a great outlet to just let go of all of my stress and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life; at least for me it is. And, books can be a conversation starter or even a common ground between myself and others.
Over Covid-19, I was grounded. I realized how unappreciative I was for my family, friends, and all that I have. Since I was at home with my family, I got to spend real quality time with them. My parents were always working, my sister was always with her friends, and I was off doing my own thing. When that was all taken away from us, we kind of had to hang out with each other. I found things I liked in my family and things I didn’t like. And, I really had time to appreciate everything I physically had. Some of these things include my house, my dogs, vacations houses, the backyard, etc. I also was able to put my friendships into perspective. It was hard for me to maintain strong friendships with my friends over quarantine because I am kind of hard to get a hold of since I don’t really use my phone. I then realized who my closest friends were by noticing who I was frequently keeping in touch with.
In conclusion, the year 2020 wasn’t a complete bust. Although it had MANY losses, I still learned some things about myself and my family. I had a lot of time to think and process thoughts and ideas that had been brewing in my head. It was nice to have peace of mind after thinking over things that had stuck in my brain. And, I have grown in many ways. These ways include my love for reading and passion for swimming. I was also grounded and had my life put into perspective. So, I guess I kind of liked 2020. (In a way)

Zoe Nicols


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