I am chronically ill, and over the last two years have had a steady decline in my health. I have been housebound, and bedbound, before, which is a very isolating and othering experience. However, during lockdown in the UK (March-July) I found an amazing sense of community as life moved online. Suddenly I was able to meet up with friends as I could do it from my bed, and I could attend Guide meetings again; I was able to meet up with the Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO) on their Discord server, and was able to be involved in planning activities as well as attending them. I could go to my doctors appointments online, and not have to worry about the effect travelling would have.
Although I found this community, and am so grateful for the chance to be involved in my life again, I have also felt lost: people have spoken about what they are going to do ‘after lockdown’, when my personal lockdown has no end in sight. People have flouted the rules, met up anyway, been going outside and not socially distancing, not wearing masks. When they do that, it feels like they are saying ‘you do not matter’. You’re expendable, disabled bodies do not mean as much as an abled one.
I just hope that able bodied people do not forget us as life moves back into their normality: you’ve been in ours for months and realised what an impact it can have. Please keep us involved.


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