I believe when Covid-19 hit, we all were laughing about it, and taking it very lightly. In times of darkness, we often find that humor or laughing is a component of self care. A lot of circumstances have come out of coronavirus and its effects are being seeing all over. Through complex social structures, it seems like we are having to reshape the way we live and this will continue for a very long time. In 2016, upon coming to college, I assumed, I would be graduating around this time and due to some other reasons, my expected graduation was pushed back a semester to Fall 2020. Seeing as though, I want to be done with school, and start my career journey, it has been detrimental on me to know of the unsureity that will come for the future of my college career. I don’t know if I will be graduating next fall or at all at this point and it makes me want to give up, though I’m reasonably close to the finish line. I lost some drive, but I gained some self discipline, in working through hard moments such as this time we’re going through. As mentioned earlier, this pandemic has exposed some structural flaws on a socioeconomical and political way, and unfortunately, this is seeming to be the era, I will have to start my adult or professional life in and I know it will be tough, so self-discipline, and affirming what I truly want is the only way to get through my self-sabotage, and persevere to find success Post-Corona.

Benjamin Saah

Location: New Jersey

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