During covid I have lost a lot of things but I am grateful for the good thinks that have come out of it.

This year my brother and I missed out on all of our sports. At the beginning of covid, everything was canceled and pushed away for safety to stop the spread of the virus. My brother and I were very sad to have this happen and very disappointed. We went out to the park every day and throw the ball because that was the only thing we could do. We were without sports for months which felt way longer than that. In December of 2020, we started up practices with another football team and we don’t use pads or helmets we just do drills with masks on. This is a big step even if it is just practice. To this day we haven’t put on the pads or helmets or played another team since our season ended in January of 2020 which is over a year, but we are slowly getting back on

Location: Manhattan beach, CA

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