During this pandemic, while most people I know gained weight, I am thrilled to no end that I have lost 31 pounds. I am also delighted to add that I have also FOUND my love for life when I met my boyfriend on July 9th.

In January 2020 I weighed a whopping 218 pounds and by the end of summer I was down to 187 pounds and fitting clothing I was about to donate at the end of last year. I was also dating a really nice man older who DID NOT know what he wanted in life, which forced me to end the relationship. After ending that relationship, I resolved that I would not be able to meet anyone easily due to the Coronavirus, so that forced me to try a dating site. After having tried that approach once before and yielding NOTHING, I was pretty skeptical. But on the 3rd day on the site, I got a message from an extremely handsome and very interesting gentleman. Of course, I was still doubtful it would turn into anything real or serious, but I was SO WRONG. This man turned out to be the love of my life and we are inseparable and have been since DAY ONE. Our families are thrilled to no end that WE have found each other and they love US!!!! They love that we are a WE!!! So I have Lost & I have Found. There are silver linings in every cloud.

Joi Ful

Location: Staten Island, NY

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