Finding my interest in cooking

This time period allowed me to make discoveries, like my interest in cooking. I revealed my love and skill of cooking in my kitchen at the beginning of quarantine, when my family decided it was not safe to eat at restaurants. During quarantine, I found the time to improve my cooking skills. Working in the kitchen helps me feel like I am helping my family by contributing to our meals. I am delighted to have found this skill because I will use this skill for my entire life. It is also exciting learning cooking techniques and using fresh ingredients. My mom and I have grown closer because we are now always together in the kitchen having never ending conversations or watching cooking shows. My newfound passion for cooking has allowed me to be more creative when changing the recipes. From meal preparation and planning, cooking has also helped me be more organized. My family says I have the “chefs’ hand” and anything I cook is delectable. I am so grateful to have found my inner chef and to be able to put smiles on my family’s faces.

Maya Shivpuri


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