For the last year I lost many things, good or bad I found out who my real friends were.

I found that my real friends would text me or call me everyday. My fake friends annoyed me and stopped talking to me, so they blocked me.Covid-19 told me who people really are. I lost my appality to play sports like baseball or soccer, my two favorite sports. I really enjoyed playing sports but with those types of team sports we wouldn’t be able to get together and play. Not being able to play made me get lazy and not want to go outside so I sat inside all day doing school and playing video games with my friends. I lost the opportunity to see my dad in person, I lost that because he is a producer and travels to make movies so he can’t see me. Also my parents aren’t together any more so it makes it even harder to see him because when he gets here my mom doesn’t want to be around him so she goes on a tiny vacation so its hard to see both of them at the same time in person. Also lost in person school so it makes it really hard to do school and learn new things. For some reason it’s hard to remember much and get used to the new things because of Covid-19.

Covid-19 sucks

7th grader in California

Location: United States

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