I found a love for art.

During quarantine, I found a love for art and painting. When COVID-19 was announced, I considered myself a pretty bad artist and painter, and even just until a couple of months ago. I really like the tv show Cobra Kai, and I edited together photos for all of the characters for fun. After that I thought, Wait, I have a plan, and I can normally draw from and an image I’m looking at, so why not try to make this into something I can hang up in my room? Luckily, my brother also paints, so he let me borrow some of his acrylic paints. I discovered that painting is very relaxing and something I can do with my hands. Now, I’m finished with that painting, I started another big painting for Cobra Kai, and I’m in the middle of a series of small paintings of Star Wars characters.

Audrey Henry

Location: California

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