I found a new pet cat during this Pandemic.

On a sunny morning of the last day of March, a white cat with blue eyes came to our house.With no apprehension, he went close to me like a friendly stranger. Believing that he may be owned by a neighbor nearby ,we were not surprised that he would just leave our house that day. Unexpectedly,in the next couple of days, every morning he would go back to our house and stay until noon time as if he was a regular visitor of our family.With the love,undivided attention and tender loving care we gave him,now he is truly part of our family,our new lovable pet . He stays with us and sleep comfortably at night with the rest of our pet cats.He is an adorable cat that seems to understand when we communicate to him. By cuddling him and by singing to him the song “You are my Sunshine” almost everyday, we now feel more deeply connected to each other . As days go by, I feel that he could perceive and respond to our emotions and communicate to us the best and cutest way he can thru purring,body movements, fluttery blinking and meows..Indeed he is a lovely suprise during this pandemic , a source of joy to our family and a great help in reducing stress and anxiety while we all stay safely at home during this pandemic.

Mildred Serra

Location: Philippines,Bicol province

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