I Found an Exciting Hobby

I found my hobby of surfing during the COVID-19 pandemic. As I longed to go outside and hangout with my friends, a perfect opportunity appeared. The beaches had just opened up, and my friend had found an interest in surfing. He invited me to go surfing with him on saturday. I borrowed his surfboard and found it exciting. I loved being in the water again, with the sun beaming down upon me and my friend. We were having a good time as we floated over the cool water. Unluckily, it looked as if there were an abundance of people, surfing in the water. We had to be careful and wait our turn. After I caught a few waves, I knew this could become something I enjoyed. I pleaded with my parents to get one, and after a while of listening to me, they finally decided to buy me a longboard. I became excited, and I started going almost everyday. I started getting decent at riding on my surfboard but I knew I wanted a bigger challenge. I received a shortboard for my birthday and I rode on the waves with my friend. I wasn’t the best at surfing and I slowly started going less, due to strict quarantine policies. I am looking forward to going surfing once again with my friend soon when the virus has died down. I would never have gotten the chance to surf if it hadn’t been for quarantine. Before, I would be too busy to enjoy the beach. I am grateful to be able to surf with my friends and have some joy during COVID-19.

Logan Kim

Location: Manhattan Beach, California

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