I found my new personality.

I have to say when I had my old personality, I didn’t realize it but I honestly hated myself, and each day it got worse and worse. Until the point I would tell myself I am going to find people who like me for my annoying self and obviously nobody would want to hang out with someone who is annoying, so I really reflected and found myself. Now when I talk I am happy with the way I act and I am confident even if someone tries to bring me down. Which let me tell you I was not the way I was before, I was very insecure about myself and I would always second guess if people were judging me. Basically when I look back on it I can see that it is a very hard time in my life and I didn’t realize it, which made it worse. I think the biggest person that helped me become myself is my brother. He showed me so many movies and tv shows that I now love and he showed me that it’s ok to just say no sometimes. He also is very supportive of me and my insecurities during that time. We talked and talked until we got to the deep secrets but even there we went further, we told each other deeper secrets we couldn’t tell anybody else because they wouldn’t understand like we do. So I thank him for parts of it but also I have to give myself some credit. I looked at social cues a lot more which I realized that I ignored a lot. With that I also had a goal to change my surroundings into my personality and get rid of my old one. Which I did so I guess you could also say I lost and found that too.

Bella Fyfe

Location: California

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