I found that I was good at guitar

The first thing that I found I was good at during this pandemic was that I was pretty good at guitar! A couple years ago I would take guitar lessons but I stopped because I had to do sports and I didn’t have enough time sadly so I got back into it and I learned how to play some songs like CaliforniaCatian, Wagon Wheel, Tom Petty songs and more! I have been playing it for about twice a week if I am not busy. It’s actually been very calming and relaxing for me and helps take the stress of homework and sports off me. I’m very proud of myself for doing this because it just makes me feel so good when I play it. It’s also got me closer to my mom because she loves music and when I play it because it makes her so joyful and proud. This is just one thing I found I was good at during this pandemic.


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