I found the gift of Reading.

While I was growing up and going to school I always didn’t like to read and I mean read any type of book. Most of the time when I read something it’s usually a chapter or just a verse from The Bible. I say this because I love reading the Bible because it’s true. I also say all of this because during this pandemic especially right now I had the gift to just spend more time of my life just to find the gift of reading. Since then I’m still in the process of getting to really love to read so to do so I decided to just pick a couple of books from me and my twin brother’s little bookshelf we have at our house and currently I am in the process of reading only the one book I chose. The title of this book is called Monkey Island by Paula Fox. I do want to say that I do recommend not just this book to read but also to see the fact that reading isn’t hard if you just put your mind to it and just have the time to read something. With all of this being said I will end with this we read in our everyday lives so we should have the time to read Books, Magazines, Newspapers, and much more. I hope this inspires you and if you want to be a better reader I just encourage you to just read something no matter what you decide to read.

Cory Carbaugh

Location: Williamsport, MD

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