I have found a few new experiences and lessons about myself along with the experiences I have lost.

I have lost almost a year in in person school and this has really changed my perspective on it. I have always enjoyed school but I never looked forward to it. And now almost a year later of online school, I long for the day when I get to go back. I have realized that school is one of the many gifts I took for granted and spending so much time away from it has really changed my mind. I miss my friends, my teachers, classrooms and the feeling of actually learning. I mostly miss the interactive part of school that is almost impossible during online school. After a year of no school, I feel like I should have savored everyday. But instead I counted down the hours until I would get to go home. I want to go back to school and I will never take it for granted again. I will never look past the beauty of a full education. In conclusion, I used to take school for granted but being away from it for so long has changed that mindset completely.


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