I have found my best friend

I have so many people in my life that I care about and love. I am happy to say I got to add someone to that list of people, my best friend. We have found each other and grown absolutely inseparable over the span of one year. Even though we had a rough and slightly rocky past, we have mended our wounds of the past and are prepared for any challenges in the future we might come across. Although we are closer than ever now, things weren’t always like this. We met in third grade. We had the same teacher so we spent five days a week together for a year. That gave us lots of time to get to know each other, but not in a positive way. She had a friend group with her close friends and I had my separate one. I didn’t exactly like her back then, here’s why. I had a small crush on this one guy. When her group found out they were not happy. There was another girl in their group who also liked him at the time so obviously the other girl was mad. At recess her group chased me and my friend around saying that I liked him and teasing me. I told the teacher and they all got in trouble, she was the only one who didn’t get in trouble since she didn’t do anything but I had gotten her friends in trouble so we didn’t talk until three years later in sixth grade humanities class. Our teacher had us at a table with each other with two other boys. And I know what you’re thinking, more boy drama, and you would be very much correct. One of the boys at our table caught both of our attention. We both liked him and we both knew it, so it became a little bit competitive. He asked her to paint something for him and I jumped at the opportunity to do it. She said he asked her so she would do it. He said he didn’t care who did it. He didn’t like either of us but we were making fools out of ourselves arguing about it. A similar thing happened a week later when he asked her for a sharpie and we both grabbed markers and gave them to him. He was very confused and just took them both. Today we always laugh about it and find it really funny but at the time we found it everything but funny. We hang out multiple times every week now and have a lot of sleepovers. We make fun and amazing memories daily now and we couldn’t be more happy with our friendship today. It is crazy to think about how we used to ignore each other and now we talk every single day for hours. I love her so much and hope we can be friends for life.


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