I have lost a big trip to see my family due to Covid.

During Covid I lost a trip to Hawaii with my family. This trip was so important to be because I would have seen so much of my family. My cousins, aunt and uncle, and my grandparents would have all been there to celebrate my aunt and uncle’s big anniversary. Due to Covid we couldn’t go. My family and I would only ever see those relatives about once a year which means that I didn’t get to see my family for over a year. I had seen many videos of the trip we were supposed to have and it was amazing. This trip was a once and a lifetime type of trip so I was very sad when we weren’t able to go. It would have also been my first trip outside of my cousins and my home town, so it would have been our first vacation together. What hurts the most is that I didn’t see my amazing grandparents and their newly adopted puppy, Charlie.


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