I have lost a lot of things in this past year and I bet you have to.

I have lost a lot of things in this past year and I bet you have to. I am sharing 2 things that I lost and found in this pandemic. I think we both lost and found a little bit more than 2 things but this is my assignment so let’s get into it.

I have lost many things but the 2 biggest things I lost was baseball and I never thought I would never say this but school. It has been a year since I was last in school and I have seen all my teachers and friends in person and it has not been fun. I have talked to friends on video games and still had fun with them but it hasn’t been the same. I just want to talk to people in person. Another thing I lost was baseball. I know it’s a sport but I really love playing it and having fun with my friends. We used to go to Arizona every year for a baseball tournament and that was always fun. Last year we were going to go to Cooper’s Town but that got shut down due to covid. That is a baseball tournament in New York that only happens once in a lifetime where people come from all over the world to play in.

One thing I did find in this past year is video games. Video games really helped me. I like talking to my friends on discord and playing with them. It made me laugh more and meet new people just online that are my age and really nice people.

These are some of the things I lost and found this past year. I lost baseball and school but I found better things like video games


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