I have lost a year of fun middle school experiences.

I have lost a year of fun middle school experiences. Almost everyone that I talk to says that middle school isn’t great (or horrible or the worst years of school), but there are still things that happen that are fun or are thought to be fun: the haunted house(seems cool), Harry Potter week (was fun), Swim PE(how bad can it be?), fun classes (like STEM or film), and much more. Yet, I have missed the haunted house; one of the three Harry Potter weeks never happened; I don’t get Swim PE for 6th and possibly 7th grade; STEM isn’t as fun as it should be in school with more fun projects and group work; and I never got to go to Pali, something almost everyone looks forward to and it seems fun. Even though everyone says that middle school isn’t great, it still is an important part of a student’s education and helps form who they are as a person. If a student was bullied in middle school but finds the courage to stand up for themself, then later in life they will also stand up for themselves. If you make close friends, then you might keep them for years to come, or they might betray you, and this might toughen you up. Who knows?

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