I have lost my appreciation of the world around me and have gained a new hobby.

After everything closed a year ago, things were a tad choppy, because of this confusion and stress others and I have both lost and found things, whether it be they literally lost something or figuratively lost something, they still lost something, and so I will tell you about what I have lost and found. Nowadays, I spend a lot of my time online and have a routine consisting of waking up, going to school, playing games on my computer, then going to sleep. This boring routine has made me lose my appreciation of the world.
During this, I and many others have lost some things. For me, I lost my appreciation of the world outside of my little bubble. The wonder of gazing at the world around me, the places between cities, the forests and grasslands, I have always loved traveling to places where there are no cities, just the clear sky, and the plants and animals. Going to places like Crater Lake, Sequoia Park, and Bryce Canyon gives me an amazing feeling of pure wonder. Knowing that I can’t go to those wonderful places of wonder saddens me, and along with being holed up inside for so long I have forgotten what it feels like, and I worry that after all this I won’t be able to feel that wonder of that extent, ever again.
Though, I have also figured out ways to enjoy myself without being exposed. I spent a lot of time playing video games and watching videos, and so I decided that I should get some of my friends together and create an online space where we could play games and enjoy ourselves. We began adding new things to the game through modding websites online and now we have a place where we just are ourselves and have fun. I was very bored before getting this set up so being able to do something new was fun. Even though I lost that wonder, I managed to find a new one.
I’ll admit this year hasn’t been the best, it’s been awful, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it, find a way to enjoy yourself, if you have to go outside wear a mask, get in touch with friends, try new things. Even if this year has been pretty bumpy, try to get a new hobby to smooth the ride.

Paul S.

Location: Manhattan Beach

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