I Looked at the Glass Half Full Instead of Half Empty

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a harsh time for everyone, from going from a 2 week to a yearly lockdown. People have lost their lives, families, birthdays, friend connections, jobs and more where some people have found their love for self care, baking, art, pets, or started a business. We have to make the best of the situation instead of looking at the negative look at the pandemic as time to connect with yourself. I have lost going to school and seeing all my friends but have found my love for cooking and my puppy.
Something I have lost during the pandemic was going to school everyday and seeing my teachers and friends. Now that school is online, it is much harder to comprehend or understand the material given by the teachers. Along with that we have to do everything over zoom which is much harder because it can be bad for your eyes, makes it hard to communicate and keep with your work, and online school makes it harder to stay on track. Before the pandemic we were able to see our teachers everyday, do class projects, and see our friends. Now, I am a little disconnected with some of my friends because their parents don’t allow them to see people. On top of that, school isn’t teaching as much online, and I haven’t learned much. Hopefully we can go back to school normally again so I could see my friends again and go back to my classes.
One of the things I have found during the COVID-19 pandemic was my love for cooking. Cooking is a true art, it’s yummy, and helps your science! My love for cooking started in June on my birthday where I got together with my friend and we made cupcakes, they looked so good and we had so much fun . Since then I have been cooking a lot, I have been making pasta, cake, cupcakes, cookies, candy bars, breadsticks, pizza, brownies, and more. I enjoy spending time with my grandma when we cook dumplings, noodles, and lots more together. Cooking during the pandemic has helped me experiment, try new things, practice, and spend time with my family. Before the pandemic I never had an interest in cooking but during the pandemic I started cooking every week. The pandemic is a time to self reflect and I discovered my love for cooking and many other hobbies.
Another thing that I have found during the pandemic is my love for puppies and my puppies. I used to be almost deadly scared of pretty much every animal out there including dogs. When me and my family got a COVID-19 puppy, I was so scared to even touch him, but through the pandemic my love for him has grown. He is like my new best friend, he’s super cute, and super smart. As I started to hang out with my puppy Ori more, I became less and less scared of dogs. Whenever we would go to the dog park I always pet all the other dogs and play with them. Since everyone is home during the pandemic i’ve had a lot of time to bond with my puppy and face my fears. Without the pandemic my family wouldn’t have gotten a puppy who turned out to be a super big and happy part of my life.
Although COVID-19 has been a hard place for everyone, you can always look to the good side and spend some time self reflecting. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic I lost the chance to see my friends and teachers but have found some new hobbies I enjoy and a bundle of fluff that I spend every day with. Sometimes we just have to adapt and be flexible, knowing that everyone is trying their best and we’re all in the pandemic together. We should look at the pandemic as a glass half full instead of half empty. It’s better to instead of looking at what you lost, look at what you found about yourself.

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