I lost the fun of attending school activities at my school. Those things include homecoming dances, proms, and pep-rallies.

Lost – Scared v.s. Unscared

Let me start by saying that we all had no idea that Covid was going to hit. We can relate to other history like 9/11/2001, when 2 planes crashed into the Twin Towers. I was born in 2003 so I didn’t exist during that time, but I know about this tragic event because I learned about it in school. We all have different opinions about this pandemic, a lot of people are scared because this virus was the cause of many deaths, and I agree, but some people are not scared of the virus because they know that this Coronavirus will eventually be solved and everything will be getting back to normal. I wasn’t able to attend school because of this pandemic. Things that I didn’t get to do last year due to Covid was stuff like homecoming dances, pep-rallies, and proms. Doing online schooling could be easy, and also difficult at times. I learn more efficiently and easily when I am in the actual school building. When I am at school, it is not that complicated to learn by visualizing things. Zoom calls can be challenging, but also amazing. I learned how it is important to try focusing on the important things and not the unimportant things.

Cody Carbaugh

Location: Williamsport MD, USA

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