I wrote a found story that focused on the topic Family. The title of my found story is The opportunity to spend more time with my family.

When this pandemic hit us I was looking for a way to do more things while I was at home. One of these things I had the opportunity to do is to spend more time with my family. If Covid-19 didn’t hit us I wouldn’t have the time to spend with my family as I am doing right now. Since this Covid happened, I also had a lot more time with my mom because she recently just lost her job after she was there at her job for 17 years. One new experience I discovered was that besides Covid-19 me and my dad’s and mom’s sides of my family were still able to meet up with each other. It also allowed me not to just spend time with my own personal family, but also with my Church family. Some things I learn about myself and this world going through this Covid-19 Pandemic is the fact that Family is important and that no one ought to disagree with that. I also learned that spending more time with family is better than anything else in the world because I know that family is not just important to me, but also loving to me. I also learned that during this pandemic it was hard to keep distance from family members because you love them so much and if you keep your distance from your family it might be the last chance to see them before something really bad happens to them. Although this pandemic changes people’s lives, it doesn’t mean we all should give up on the fact that we love our family and that we love one another. If we do these two things, love our family, and love one another we will come out on top and beat this Covid-19 Pandemic together as a successful team.

Cory Carbaugh

Location: Williamsport, MD in the United States of America

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