I’ve found hobbies like going on walks, cooking, and baseball cards.

Only a small amount has changed for me compared to other people ever since the pandemic. I consider myself lucky that only one person that I knew got COVID-19 and recovered from that quickly. I know it’s not like that for most people. But I still have had my fair shares of losses and finds.
A lot has changed for my daily routine. Everyday in 2021 I wake up and instantly get on my computer, and for 6-8 hours straight, I’m doing Zoom, then I go to baseball practice, eat dinner, do homework, and go to bed. Everyday in 2019 and lower, I wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, do a small bit of homework, baseball practice, play games, and go to bed. I know it seems small but if you stretch it out a bit it makes a big difference.
A lot has happened in this pandemic that made me learn a lot. I’ve found that I like going on walks a bit more than I used to. This is because I don’t go outside as much as I used to, so the scenery feels more unique to me. I also found that even if I don’t go outdoors as much as I used to, I found a hobby which is baseball card collecting. I also have way less time to relax since I have a huge amount of homework, which makes it so I’ve lost sleep. Also, I can’t be with my friends for a while because if we went to school now, we would probably get COVID-19 and spread it to our family or to anyone we were with at the time. I’ve learned to manage time and my schedule. Even though I get tangled up in homework a lot, I’ve learned a lot about managing my schedule so I can be on time for classes. Lastly, I’ve learned that I’ve come a long way in baseball. At the start of the pandemic I wasn’t as excellent of a pitcher and I only played left field and right field. Now I play the whole outfield, pitcher, and first base. I’m also ten times better than I used to be since I practiced 5-7 days of the week since the pandemic started. I’m so grateful that schools are starting to reopen because the COVID-19 vaccine is out and COVID-19 cases are diminishing bit by bit. Soon, I’m hoping I can see my friends and my most favorite English teacher without having my mask on.
My life as a 7th grader is way different than it used to be. My hobbies include: baseball and baseball cards, going on walks, gaming, airsoft, cooking, and sometimes drawing. My traits are comical, friendly, and tired and energetic at the same time. My skills include: baseball, math, and cooking.
I know that this pandemic is horrible but, it wasn’t all that bad because a lot that you learn comes from the bad moments that you face in life.

Cooper Schlager

Location: Manhattan Beach

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