I’ve found motivation and a plan to move forward

For a long time, I’ve had a vague idea of things I wanted, but I never really had the motivation to pursue them. Deep down, I knew that it wasn’t a matter of not being capable of working hard enough, but that I didn’t WANT to work hard enough. I was at a loss as to how to fix that though; how does one gain motivation, of all things?

Recently, my mom gave me an answer to my question: put your life on a schedule. Actually plan your days and ambitions. Not too long after that, my dad introduced me to this new planner he had been using for a month or so now, called the ‘Full Focus Planner’. I was a bit skeptical at first, seeing as I had used a planner before and essentially neglected it, but once I actually looked it over, my mind was blown. Now I feel like I finally have my life together; I would almost describe the feeling as a mix of peace and liberation from myself. I’m actually happy to wake up each morning (and not just hitting the snooze button). I hope others can find a similar sense of liberation as I did during this lockdown.


Location: Hagerstown, MD

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