Like everyone, I lost the sense of community and normalcy….

This pandemic has affected everyone differently. Some have lost a lot more than others, and I am thankful that my family and friends are healthy. In my second year of college, I feel lost. Not making friends and being cooped up in my first apartment on my laptop all day sucks. Lots of days I feel like I’m Bella Swan from New Moon, watching the world go by as I sit in despair. Maybe I’m being dramatic because I know I could have it worse. It’s just, I have lost all motivation to do homework, exercise, and keep any sort of routine. Days go by fast yet slow, and I constantly feel like I’m going through the motions. I try to go on walks in the park to pretend like life is normal. I’m quickly reminded that life is not normal when I have to rush to put on my mask because someone is walking past me. Walking in the park isn’t even the same anymore. When will it be normal? I miss people. Brunch dates, hanging out, extracurricular activities, and simply walking on campus. I miss the days where I wasn’t scared to leave my house. I miss living freely, as a teenager should be doing.

Sophia Anna

Location: California/Oregon

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