Lost and Found, Memoirs of a Boy in Quarantine

The time materialized on Friday at in-person school. The bell rang to mark the end of the school day, and everyone rushed out of class, excited for quarantine. Full of joy, I couldn’t wait for two weeks of school at home! Now I’m sitting here a year later writing this essay at home, ecstatic to go back to school. In January, 2020, I was excited for the rest of the year. Everyone knew about the coronavirus in China, but no one thought it would create a worldwide pandemic. In this past year, I’ve lost friends, hobbies, spirit, and a full middle school experience, but I’ve gained skills such as problem solving.
During quarantine, I’ve lost my spirit in many ways. Before quarantine I was a 6th grader at MBMS. I had many hobbies, friends, and spirit. I was hopeful of my years to come. This personality trait led me to persevere even when life got very difficult. When COVID-19 hit, I started losing spirit. Me, along with almost every kid, had to do school at home. Months later I have lost everything I mentioned before, hobbies and friends. All of these disappearances go back to my loss of spirit. Experiences that would normally excite me aren’t the same. These deprivations make me feel sad, and indignant at the people who won’t follow COVID protocols, to help the pandemic end. My spirit is a part of me that I lost during the Coronavirus Pandemic, but that does not mean I won’t get it back!
Another squandering of Covid-19, concedes with a full middle school experience. This means joining clubs, meeting new people, and growing as a person, (physically and mentally). Although, some part of me knows that they made the right decision to stay home; I’m still downcast that I missed the full experience. It felt important because I feel that it develops people in a certain way that gets them ready for highschool, while still having fun. I missed out on some of that. I feel that online school isn’t mentally healthy, and puts me in a bad mood. This leads to me taking out my anger and annoyance in bad ways. Although, I would still face problems at in-person school like any human being, none of them can compare to online school.
I know that there are a lot of downsides to quarantine, but there’s a light for every darkness. One skill I’ve found is my ability to solve problems. This is a result of the constant emotional and physical obstacles thrown my way in Quarantine. I feel happy and relieved that I’ve improved at something in these unprecedented times. Problem solving will assist me for the rest of my life! I know there are not a lot of good things that came out of the lockdown, but it did teach me problem solving.
I’ve lost and found many subjects from the pandemic. I’ve lost my spirit and a full middle school experience, and I’ve found my ability to problem solve. In conclusion, this past year went down crazily and unpredictable. Darkness presents itself in every situation; but with darkness exists a light. Sometimes you have to look past the claptrap and hope for the best!

Matthew Meyers


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