Lost Opportunity in Club Soccer

Before the pandemic, soccer dominated my time outside of school. I have lost a lot of chances to play soccer this past year because many trips with my soccer team have been canceled. This includes trips to Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and other states and cities. Not only have tournaments and most of my season been canceled, but even my soccer practices have changed so much. In March of last year we went into lock down and my soccer team training sessions moved to Zoom. We did drills by ourselves in our backyards three days a week for three months over Zoom. These practices were the only time outside of school that I saw people’s faces other than my family’s. Even now that we are back on the field, practices are far from the same. We still have to wear masks whenever we are not on the field playing. Soccer remains a big part of my life, but that is not everything that I have lost this past year.

Matteo Crisera

Location: Manhattan Beach, California

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