Luckily I haven’t lost much but my grandparents moved away.

I wouldn’t want all these people to die and people to lose things like money and family members. I haven’t lost much but my grandparents moved away. In the start of the pandemic they lived in Manhattan Beach, I am really close to them and my mom and I would visit them often. I was pretty sad when they mentioned wanting to move, I felt hurt like they didn’t want to be with me when their lives were fleeting. I had to get over that, my grandparents wanted to move to what was familiar to them and that was Valencia. It might be funny to you that I feel sad about them moving fifty miles away, but I got used to them living in Manhattan beach and wanted them to stay. My uncle lives in Valencia and my grandparents used to live with him, when they moved in around September they lived on their own in a nice senior home. I can’t blame them, they wanted to live somewhere nice and moving is what it took for them to feel comfortable like online school for me. As I said previously I haven’t lost much, but I was looking forward to going to Six Flags/Magic Mountain during the summer. Unfortunately it is not open because of the pandemic so it ruined my plans. I love rollercoasters and the wind drying my eyes out it’s the best feeling!



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