My 6th grade year

At my old school, the last day was rushed. There was a new gym opening that took 2 years to build then right when we were about to use it, the school closed. When we went to virtual classes, it was a new thing that no one really knew about. The classes were shorter than usual, some people were put into different classes, and there were a bunch of other things we had to adapt to. It wasn’t the best ending for my 6th grade year especially since they said it would be 2 weeks which later then turned into a few months. When school ended, I didn’t get to say goodbye to most of my friends. The difference in being at a new school yet being virtual is that I can’t really interact with anyone. Plus I haven’t seen the campus so I’m still new to it even though it’s been nearly 7 months.
Over this year, I’ve gotten more hobbies as well as spent more time on the computer than I’d like but many benefits came out of it. I picked up playing the piano, ukulele, art and softball over this year which I don’t think I would’ve done if we weren’t virtual. Some of the old sports I did such as basketball, tennis and track aren’t working out since I haven’t played in over a year. I enjoy not having to wake up as early for school though sometimes I miss being at school with other people. This past year was good and bad for me but it was definitely interesting.
Being stuck with myself for over a year was hard but virtual classes aren’t the worst. Everyday feels the same, I wake up and get on my computer 5 minutes before class to participate. At snack time I make myself some breakfast and by lunch I do my homework. After class I sit on my computer for multiple hours then go outside and when that’s over I eat dinner and go to bed. Over a year of doing this, I would be lying to say I didn’t gain more self confidence. Before I was more concerned about what other people think, but after a year, I don’t care as much. In some ways this is bad but to me it’s a new start.

Araya T.


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