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When the pandemic officially started I was at my best friend’s house, we had just woken up when I was told I had to go home. As the days went by of just being at home not doing much, there were a lot of days where I just slept the entire day and was awake all night. Now I know what you’re thinking “Winter you’re an 18 year old kid, isn’t that what teenagers normally do” well for me it’s drastically different because I get distracted very easily so I tend to keep a consistent schedule. I eventually got so used to doing the opposite that now that I’m back in school, it tends to be a lot harder to both get up on time and stay awake throughout the day. I also ended up becoming a lot more socially awkward because I didn’t talk to anyone while being in quarantine. When I finally ended up going back to school I found that I had a lot harder time making friends, or just talking to people in general.

Winter R.

Location: Hagerstown Maryland

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