I am an introvert. An introvert who has always felt like a loser for not craving social interaction. I’ve worried often that I was doomed to become the old “cat lady” in my apartment building as I age. As the pandemic set in and the world was relegated to their living rooms (if they were lucky enough to have one and could shelter safely)however, I found the permission I needed to be ok with my introverted self. I no longer felt the need to justify staying home because, well, we had no choice. For once, I was on an even social playing field. In fact, I think I have interacted with people MORE during the quarantine than in “normal” times. It’s so much safer on the other end of a phone line and on a web cam knowing that I can interact and when I’ve had enough, I can end it with the click of a button and go back to my solitude.

Never would I want to see the suffering of others at the hands of a disease such as this. I do mourn for those who have fallen. I do have a deep appreciation for those on the front lines who couldn’t or wouldn’t stay home like I have. I do sent my heart out to those less fortunate who could not continue to work from home like I have. But, I do relish the permission I have been given to be in my element. I won’t miss the pandemic, but I will miss the freedom I have found while being confined to my home.


Location: New York

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