Schools closed,I didn’t get to go on trips, no school camps/feild trips, my dog died, my parents got divorced, friends split.

Schools were closing and I was excited to at first stay home for a month. We were about to go to Pali and I was so SAD when I found out it was canceled and I still look back on that and feel so sad and mad that it was going to be my first sleep away camp. My girl scout troop was going to GreatWolf lodge that weekend also and of course that got cancelled and I was so excited to show my friends the waterpark because they had never been before. I also had a Volleyball Tournament that week that got cancelled as well and I was really excited for that because my coach doesn’t usually give me much playing time but I talked to her and she said next game I will let you have a lot of playing time. During COVID my parents also got divorced and I blamed that on COVID but now I realized that it may have had nothing to do with that. Me and my best friend had birthdays right at the beginning of COVID and now we are going on to our second birthday in April. Everyone in my friend group split up except for two of my friends, COVID drifted me and my best friend away and we still aren’t that close. The schools are still closed and it has been a year now, don’t know how much more I can take. I have had some fun times during COVID but it will never make up for what I have lost.



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