so much was lost, but no one really tries to know what was found

After everything, I am learning about me, and what makes me happy. I know that I would prefer to be alone and that I’m not very social. Also, for example, I have become into crystals and zodiacs. I have become a very big plant person. They are bright and green and they make me happy. I also learned that I love candles and music. I even got my own sense of style (even though I only wear shorts and hoodies all day).
In the end, much has been lost and much has been found. Losing people who meant something to me to finding out who I am and what makes me happy. At the end of the day you, no one can say nothing changed. COVID-19 was a life changing experience where you don’t know if you’ll have a positive or negative outcome. What I want you to learn from this is that through every dark tunnel, there is always light at the end. It is impossible for one thing to be all bad and absolutely horrible. It may seem like that but it isn’t. It’s about positivity.

Kaela kaiser


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