Since beginning quarantine, I have only left my house to take walks in my neighborhood. There is a constant headache that I have to deal with, and I talk on the phone with friends at least twice every day. This new normal has completely changed the way I interact with my best friends. The most draining part of quarantine is the lack of structure. I like to stay up late and that is when I am most productive. My piece, which I have decided to call “Spinning” is a representation of the structure I have lost. The various circles in the design are used to represent the days, some are bigger and some are smaller because sometimes the days feel like they are really long, but some feel like they flew by. Though all of the circles have lines through them, there is no real pattern that is able to be seen in this piece. I am barely following a routine. My sleep schedule is insanely off. And there have been days where I have only played outside and completely avoided homework because I just wanted to natural light to hit my face instead of the glare from my laptop. There is no way for me to completely follow a schedule, but I am trying my best.

Gloria Healy

Location: Baltimore, MD, USA

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