The first thing that I lost in COVID times was traveling, which is something that is really important.

The first thing I lost in COVID times was traveling. Before the pandemic started, my family and I were supposed to go to Croatia on a family trip. That got cancelled due to the large number of cases worldwide, and we wanted to stay safe from the virus. Mexico was another family trip that I lost due to the pandemic. We usually go with some friends, and it is a tradition that we have to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and stay at the Grand Luxxe hotel. My last example of a trip that I lost was Chicago, to see my grandparents and cousins. It was my family’s first time ever that we were not able to see my cousins and grandparents for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We usually have a big feast at my cousins house on Christmas, and we play lots of games. For Thanksgiving, we also have a large feast, and play games. Traveling is something that I value because it is a way for me to bond with my family, and see many different places all over the world, and go sightseeing. When I lost travelling, it was very disappointing, and hard to comprehend that I wouldn’t be able to travel with my family. I was upset because I wasn’t able to see my grandparents, or go to Croatia, which was something that I was really looking forward to.

Jonah Abraham

Location: Manhattan Beach, CA

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