The need to know the non-human other

The coronavirus opened my eyes to the fact that we need to establish real contact and communication with the non-human “other”. I used to talk and think of nature as something weak, something that needs our protection, and something that is a victim. But talking about “nature” as a category is in itself very limiting. I used to put in this category everything that is not “us” humans. I am beginning to think that there are thousands of things around us and that we are only one category among species. We are neither superior nor inferior. We are only a component of life in the universes. Animals, plants, trees, rivers, rocks, microbes, bacteria and viruses are all non-human entities that have the same rights as we have in these universes. We can also add many invisible non-human entities with which our ancestors and First Nations still have close contact. I have found that humans need to be more open to the knowledge of other non-humans and that knowledge of others requires understanding what other non-humans want, need, and desire. We are closed in on ourselves, within our languages, codes, and algorithms. We must develop or, why not, reuse what other humans who have gone before us did to communicate with these others. Science is a human invention and the humans who make it up ensure that science is not the other way around. I realize that if we can hear, listen and talk with “non-humans”, we can take a great step towards living in peace and harmony in this universe.


Location: Morocco

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