When the covid19 struck in March, I lost my approved 2-month Artist Residency in Barcelona, Spain, in July and August. I had to cancel all travel arrangements.

As an artist, loosing my sight, for the last five years I had been planning on how to open wider access to the enjoyment of art for blind people.and I created “Joyful Art to Touch”. I had two sucessful Artist Residencies and exhibitions in Madrid, Spain, in 2017 and 2018. I was looking forward to this summer program for another two months’ residency in Barcelona, Spain, and to see all my Spanish friends again. All plans were cancelled, the opportunity was lost and an even greater loss was when I realized that my art for touching was dead in the water. No one would ever touch anything in the foreseeable future.

I was in deep despair for several months about these losses; then a bright light suddenly came to me… to pivot my artistic goals to another purpose. You can read about it in the “Found” section.

Kenlynn K. Schroeder

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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